Take charge of your

Financial Future


Valid Reasons to DIY...

  • You don't want to be sold investments and insurance policies
  • You don't want to turn over control of your money
  • You believe in a long term approach as opposed to a "Get Rich Quick" scheme
  • You don't want to shell out $1000's annually to a financial professional



  • Your family's financial success is completely dependent on your decisions
  • You lack time to explore all the information out there
  • You may be overlooking opportunities or worse--making mistakes
  • Your advice comes from family and friends--not professionals


  • Condenses the information to what you need to know
  • Step by step instructions on what you need to do
  • Most IMPORTANTLY, includes 2 hours with me, a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER(TM) to:
    • Answer your questions as any teacher of any course should
    • Offer assurance that nothing has been overlooked
    • Offer suggestions if something has been overlooked
    • Put the final touches on your strategy
  • All for just $895

This is the course we all should have taken in college!

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about your instructor

My name is Garrett M. Prom CFP®, CRPC®.  Yeah I know the alphabet soup after my name may appear a bit ridiculous but it is important that you know that I am a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ and qualified to teach this course.  I am also the founder of Prominent Financial Planning LLC.  I am, and have always been a fiduciary which means I ALWAYS represent my clients best interest.  This also applies to the content of this course.  I do NOT sell any investments or insurance and neither does this course.  The process I walk you through is the same process I personally use when evaluating and making recommendations to my clients.  

Stop winging your financial future and begin planning it today!

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Answers to Your Questions

I am certainly intrigued, but I have so many questions and want to learn more, where can I go to get answers to my questions and determine if this course is right for me?

Learn not just what you should do, but more importantly why you Should do it!

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does the state of your finances resemble the video below?